Welcome to Indian Gateball Union.
Gateball is played on a rectangular court 20-25 meters long and 15-20 meters wide. Courts are generally grass, but can also be clay, gravel or concrete. Each court has three gates and a goal pole.
The game is played by two teams (red and white) of five players. Each player has a numbered ball corresponding to their playing order. The odd-numbered balls are red and the even-numbered balls are white.
Teams score one point for each ball hit through a gate and two points for hitting the goal pole. A game of Gateball lasts for 30 minutes. The winner is the team that has the most points at the end of the game.
Gateball is a sport which combines brain play and mild phiysical exercise. Gateball which is played whenever, wherever and with whomever possible, is making a significant contribution to fostering international friendship among people, transcending national borders and cultural differences.
IGU planning to organize Indian Open Gateball Tournament (IOGT) in the month of Dec 2022.