Mission of Indian Gateball Union :
The aims and objects for which the Union is formed and established are :
(A) To promote Gateball game by organizing Local, State level, National / international or other Championships from time to time.
(B) To educate players and to encourage, assist and advise them by organizing teaching classes on Gateball Game.
(C) To educate Gateball Instructors & other officials by arranging classes and by conducting Examinations at National and International levels.
(D) To foster, develop, promote and regulate Gateball Game.
(E) To provide Gateball Game with proper safeguard in accordance with the true" spirit: of Sportsmanship.
(F) To encourage the union of all eligible teams, Associations, Organizations, Sport Control Boards etc. into such separate State Associations with active memberships and representation in the Union as may be from time to time deemed best to be adopted to advance Gateball sport/Game.
(G) To establish and maintain by allied membership, alliances with associations, institutions, etc. devoted wholly or partly for the promotion of Gateball Game.
(H) To participate in International Championships and in such other meets recognized by the International Gateball Federation /World Gateball Union.
(I) To seek affiliation from International Gateball Federation, World Gateball Union, Indian Olympic Association and All India Council of Sports and to maintain it.
(J) To purchase or obtain on rent any land which may be necessary for its objects and to construct, demolish, alter or rent any building or other constructions as may be necessary for its objects.
(K) To purchase, import, hire or otherwise acquire such equipment and apparatus as may be necessary for its objects.
(L) To raise funds for this Union by organizing entertainment or by any other legal means and to receive donations and subscriptions and to raise loans and deposits at interest or otherwise so as to create funds from any person or persons, local authority or Government or to deposit any such money of this Union for the time being in such securities or otherwise as this Union may deem expedient.
(M) To purchase, hire, exchange or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property which the Union may think it desirable to acquire by way or investment for achieving its' objects.
(N) To invest and deal with the funds of this Union not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be determined.
(O) To make, accept, endorse and execute promissory notes, Bills of Exchange and other negotiable instruments.
(P) To permit any or the building and property acquired by this Union to be used upon such terms as it may deem fit for any purpose expedient for the achievement of its objects.
(Q) To combine and/ or co-operate with takeover, amalgamate with or absorb any other Association-Society or Institution having objects similar to this Union.
(R) To do all other laws abide things incidental or conducive to the attainment of or in pursuance of the above objects or any of them.
(S) To publish literature on the game of Gateball.
(T) Institute awards scholarships and fellowships in Gateball sports.
(U) Establish Gateball Sports Chapters in various states and affiliate them with IGU.
(V) Maintain close association with the Indian Olympic Association, All India Council of Sports and the Sports Authority of India.
(W) Reach out of private sector/public sector for sponsorship for promotion of Gateball sports.