Gateball is originated in Japan, derived from hints of the sport Croquet, a game started in France and played in 1900 Olympic Games. The game is played on a rectangular field 15 to 20 meters in length and 20 to 25 meters wide (measurements of the inside line). Three gates and one goal pole are secured on the field, and players compete five on five to pass balls through these gates, in accordance with predetermined rules, on their way to the finish. The two teams use five balls each, either red or white depending on the team, and play in an alternating fashion between red and white from one to ten.


Gateball is a sport which combines brain play and mild phiysical exercise .It is a modified game of Croquet. It is a fast-paced, non-contact, highly-strategic team game, which can be played by anyone regardless of age or gender. Gateball originated in Japan in 1947 and is now played by more than 9 million people in over 14 countries worldwide. Japan and China have strong Gateball associations with millions of registered players.


As this overwhelming number indicates , one would understand how Gateball is penetrating transnational at a high level of the growing rate for its short history. Gateball which is played whenever , wherever , and with whomever possible , is making a significant contribution to fostering international friendship among people, transcending national borders and cultural differences. This is a contribution that is becoming increasingly important in today's global society.

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